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Kirk Sandall Infant School

Eco Warriors



Congratulations! Our school is one of the top one hundred schools with the highest percentage of our pupils taking part in the national Home Recycling Challenge!  We have won a very special, exclusive cuddly Busta mascot made from 5 plastic recycled bottles!

Captain Busta could perhaps become our new school eco mascot and could be given to classes to look after if they have done well in showing care for the environment.  Our eco team or School Council could even send pictures to Captain Busta showing what ‘wastebusting’ our pupils and Busta have been getting up to; whether that’s helping our school in a Waste Week or working towards an Eco-Schools award. 


Eco-Warriors started in 2007. In 2010 we were awarded the EcoSchools Silver Award.

Every year each KS1 class votes for 2 Eco-Warrior representatives. Later on in the year we are joined by Eco-Warriors from Reception.

Eco-warriors meet one lunchtime a week and discuss what things that we can do in school to help us to be more eco-friendly. 

We discuss topics such as energy-saving, water-saving recycling and raise awareness around school of these issues. 

We try to develop our natural areas around school and encourage as much wildlife as possible.

Don’t forget about our recycling containers before you throw anything away!

We recycle: 

Batteries- Last school year we sent 66kg of batteries to be recycled!

Glasses/spectacles- These are given to VisionAid who use them to help people in Africa.

Printer cartridges- We  receive money for used & unwanted cartridges.

Plastic milk bottle tops- These are collected for a local church. Only plastic milk bottle lids please.

Stamps- Used/unused, UK/Overseas. Please leave ½ cm of envelope around each stamp please. These are donated to McMillan Cancer Support.

Pens- old plastic pens/felt tips are sent to Ellies Fund> They can receive 2p for each pen! See http://www.elliesfund.com/ for more information.

If you have any ideas, or if you, or your workplace, are able to help us with any of our projects, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Miss Harrison.