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Enjoying books together strengthens the existing bond between parent and child. Evidence suggests that children who participate in shared reading are better prepared for school. Nurturing your child’s reading skills will enhance not only their language and communication skills but also promote their social, emotional and physical development. Co-reading aids children in exploring and understanding the world around them as well as expanding their imagination. Children love the sound of language; reading together promotes a fund and captivating learning environment for your child.

The Imagination Library sends a book in the post every month to each enrolled child. The scheme begins at birth and ends of a child’s fifth birthday. Every child who lives in Doncaster is eligible for the scheme. Begin your child’s journey by signing up today! http://www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/schools/dolly-parton-s-imagination-library

Top Tips!

Enjoy books anywhere, anytime

Carry a book with you wherever you go. Books are great for sharing when out and about whether waiting for appointments, on the bus or visiting family. Make it a really special time with you by switching off the television and ignoring your mobile phone.

Let your child explore the book

Choose books that your baby or child can explore – bath books, cloth books, lift the flap books, pop up books and books with different surfaces and textures. Visit your local library with lots of books to explore – it’s free!

Listen and respond with smiles, actions and chat

Give your child the time to respond to your chatter. Pause and wait for them to show you or tell you what they are interested in. Use props and puppets – something to look at and hold keeps children interested.

Have fun talking and sharing books together

Children need to talk a long time before they learn to read. Sharing books is a great way to help your child’s language development.

Talk about the pictures

Use your own home language when talking and sharing books together. You don’t always have to read the words – make your own story form the picture.

Look and see what they do

Let your child choose the book – they might be interested in a book you wouldn’t choose. It’s good to share favourite books again and again. Repetition helps children understand and remember the language they hear.